Schule als Kunstform. Schule als down-to-earth der Kunst

Ein Podiumsdiskussion organisiert von Avtonomi Akadimia über das Lernen und Lehren als Kunstform – mit Beteiligten, die selbst das Lehren als Kunstform praktizieren, Schulen initiieren, und als Künstler*innen eine gemeinschaftliche und lernende Position einnehmen. Joulia Strauss im Gespräch mit Brandon LaBelle, Marina Naprushkina, Mathilde ter Heijne, 04.09 um 19.00

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Down to Earth, Climate, art, discourse unplugged
Where can we land? Taking Bruno Latour’s eponymous essay on climate change as a starting point, the multi-disciplinary project “Down to Earth” examines a system, in which our own actions have continually meshed with those of many other agencies: “the Earth with its thousand folds”. What can we observe and what happens, if we apply the proposals in Latour’s book to exhibition practice: by questioning and renewing the standard practices of our operating systems, by disclosing our emissions, consumption levels and by keeping them as low as possible? The four-week unplugged program “Down to Earth” at the Gropius Bau will bring together artists and experts in sustainability, and present visual art, live work, talks, workshops and spontaneous interventions on other forms of being—in the Latourian sense—worldly and grounded. Without electricity, loudspeakers, videos, screens, air travel or spotlights, but with daylight, heat, recycled materials, unplugged music, dance, exhibits on the themes of the ocean, Gaia, puddles, the living earth, a sawn-up Porsche and modern rituals, in the spirit of Latour, Margulis, Lovelock and the Shipibo.

August 13–September 13, 2020
Martin Gropius Bau
Niederkirchnerstraße 7
10963 Berlin

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